Two New Resources for AESS Members

The AESS Professional Development Committee is excited to share two new resources to assist with 2020-2021 teaching. These resources are available to AESS members after they have logged into their account at

AESS Expert Network

In order to support online and socially distanced teaching this coming year, the AESS Professional Development Committee has created a list of AESS members who are willing to:

1) do virtual class visits to discuss their research;
2) do virtual class visits to discuss their community sustainability work; and/or
3) collaborate with faculty in other locations to connect their students with community stakeholders and activists in your city or town.

Teaching Out-of-Doors Workshop Notes

This compilation is available to AESS members as a benefit of membership.

keywords: agroforestry, sustainable food systems, climate geoengineering, environmental justice, environmental ethics, sustainability, global environmental negotiations, supply chain, eco-art, economics of national parks, environmental science, dragonfly behavior, coyote distribution, energy for international development, climate change, participatory budgeting, renewable energy policy, forest management, Indigenous environmental justice, ecosystem restoration, Anthropocene, congressional oversight, environmental planning, landscape architecture, fieldbooks, urban planning, cultural geography, natural resource restoration, biogas, behavior change during covid-19, community development, health, fossil fuel divestment, transportation justice, religion and environment, climate engineering, science communication, stormwater management, water quality, information literacy, library research, toxicology, equity, diversity