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AESS is quickly becoming the leading interdisciplinary society in higher education for people working in the fields of environmental studies and environmental science.

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Membership in AESS is open to faculty, students and staff of interdisciplinary environmental programs and to anyone else who shares and wishes to work toward promoting the organization’s objectives.The Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences is based on the recognition that (1) the development of solutions to environmental problems inherently requires the best input from the full range of traditional academic disciplines, along with sustained efforts to improve and intensify the interactions among specialists from different disciplines, (2) the goals of a liberal education include cultivating a sensitive and discerning appreciation for the esthetic, cultural and scientific dimensions of the world we inhabit, and (3) creating a sustainable, just and humane society requires that citizens and policy makers addressing environmental problems be able to draw on the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and the arts. To foster these broad sensitivities and multi- and interdisciplinary understandings, both within the academic world and  among the public, the AESS seeks to promote:

  1. Disciplinary, inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinary research and communication on environmental issues, problems, and potential solutions;
  2. High quality teaching and education about the natural environment and humans’ physical, biological, social, cultural, economic and political relationship to it;
  3. The professional development of Association members and of the field of Environmental Studies and Sciences;
  4. The dissemination of research to the academic world, policy makers, and the public;
  5. The civic engagement and public service of its members and of the Association as a whole.

By joining, you actively signify your agreement with these objectives and your willingness to work in good faith to promote them.  Welcome!