Call for Nominations

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AESS Annual Elections

The Nomination Committee is looking for a few enthusiastic and energetic people to run for office next year.

We will be electing:

(1) President-Elect (2020-2022) and then President (2022-2024)

(2) two regular Board members and one student Board member (to serve from 2020-2021)

(3) three nominations committee members (2020-2022).

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Questions? Email Kim Smith, Chair, AESS Nominations Committee

Job descriptions


The President is the chief executive officer of AESS and chairperson of the Board.  After having served a two year term as President-Elect, the President will serve for two years.  The President is formally tasked with:

  • supervising the affairs and activities of the Corporation;

  • keeping the Board fully informed of such affairs and activities;

  • maintaining and keeping current:

    • the Articles of Incorporation;

    • the Bylaws; and

    • the Corporation’s Policies, as enacted by the Board, which shall be compiled and organized by substantive and functional categories, rather than chronologically.

In practice, the President typically focuses on these tasks:

  • convening regular meetings of the Board and setting the agenda;

  • overseeing the planning and operation of the annual conference conference and annual membership meeting;

  • overseeing website development and other administrative business of the Association and coordinating with our secretariat; and

  • appointing committee chairs and overseeing their work.

The President-Elect will succeed the current President. The President-Elect steps in and acts as President when the President is unavailable or for some reason unable to perform her/his duties.

Board Members:

Board Members serve for two-year terms.  Board members are primarily responsible for representing the interests of the AESS community during board meetings and to the public, and for managing the activities and affairs of AESS.  In practice, this means making decisions about key policy matters (like approving the budget for the conference, all other financial matters, etc) and providing support for day-to-day AESS operations.

Nominations committee:

This committee is responsible for recruiting and nominating candidates for the elected offices of AESS.  In identifying candidates for positions, the Nominations Committee seeks to assure the representation of the Association’s diversity of membership, in terms of age, gender, racial, and ethnic background, substantive interest, field of work, type of employing institutions, and other considerations.  In practice, this means actively identifying and working with potential candidates and building an elections slate every spring.