AESS Awards

In 2018, AESS will recognize members’ achievements by making awards in three categories: the Freudenburg Lifetime Achievement Award, the Early Career Award, and Best Student Paper Award.  AESS awards recognize excellence in achievement, engagement, and mentorship in the social and/or physical environmental sciences, with a special emphasis on building community and fostering diversity in related professions and practice.  While the awards remain selective, beginning in 2019, there may be more than one recipient in each award category, at the discretion of the AESS Board of Directors. Also planned for 2019, is the AESS ‘Circle of Fellows’ that will provide community and mentorship and will be honored at each yearly AESS meeting.

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Nominations Closed on January 15, 2018

deadline to nominate: January 15, 2018

deadline to nominate: January 15, 2018

Extended to February 1st, 2018