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Many of us who have planned an interdisciplinary Environmental Studies course for the first time have discovered how difficult it can be to find materials, reading lists, and ideas on the web.  While several of the more disciplinary associations offer syllabus banks focused on environmental history, environmental literature, and the like (see below), there is no comprehensive resource online for interdisciplinary courses that aim to introduce students more broadly to environmental issues.

The goal of this site is to fill that need by collecting Environmental Studies syllabi from institutions around the country and making them available to scholars who are designing or updating a course, or those who are simply curious about what their colleagues are doing.  Initially, we have chosen to organize the site by institution and to focus primarily on “Introduction to Environmental Studies” courses (or the equivalent).  As the volume of syllabi grows, we are open to suggestions of how to better organize this resource to serve your needs.

You, the user, are the key to our success in this endeavor –please send us your syllabi, and share this site with your colleagues!  We also hope to expand our list of existing environmental syllabus banks (view below), so please send us links from other organizations you are affiliated with.

If you have a syllabus, please send it to AESS at with the heading “AESS Syllabus Bank”

Feel free to view some Other Environmental Syllabus Collections we found by clicking here.

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