The AESS Podcast

What is the ESS podcast?

Environmental Studies and Sciences is a podcast covering some of the latest research on environmental issues and hot topics in the environmental field, with leading academics and upcoming environmental researchers. The podcast is produced by Speak Up for Blue Productions on behalf of the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences and the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. The host is Dr Chris Parsons.

Why publish a podcast from AESS?

Podcasts are currently the most effective form of science communication as they are widely distributed, and allow researchers to explain their work in their own words, rather than coming through the filter of a journalist or a publicity office. Podcasts are also a very popular medium for communication as the public listen to them on their commutes, while jogging/at the gym, while travelling, first thing in the morning while eating breakfast, of listening to the to unwind last thong at night. Unlike printed articles, the public tends to listen to podcasts in their entirety, with studies showing that people, on average, listen to 35 minutes of a podcast, verses just reading the headlines or first paragraph for printed media, or the just watching the first five seconds when it comes to video-based materials.

How can my organization get involved?

Sponsorship opportunities are available!

5 ESS podcasts 30-40 second advertisement spot for program or product in each episode $1500

Sponsors may also suggest themes that they may like some of the podcasts to cover (e.g. water issues, forestry, etc.) or suggest people who they think might make good guests. Sponsor today!

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I’ve always wanted to be on a podcast!

Want your research to be on an episode? Reach out to Dr. Chris Parsons.