If you were previously a member of AESS, and your membership lapsed more than 12 months ago, please sign up as a new member. Email the Managing Director with any questions.

Membership Rates and Duration

Current Rates
effective October 1, 2015
Membership Type* 1 year 2 years 3 years
 Student  $40 $75 $110
 AGI < 50,000 $60 $100 $160
 AGI between 50,000 -75,000 $80 $150 $220
 AGI > 75,000 $100 $190 $280

*AGI = Adjusted Gross Income

Faculty, students, and education-minded environmental professionals and practitioners are encouraged to join.  Membership fees for faculty & professionals are based on an adjusted Annual Gross Income (AGI) and the duration of membership.  Two-year memberships are discounted ~5% compared to the annual rate, and three-year memberships are discounted ~10% compared to the annual rate.

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Benefits of AESS

AESS is quickly becoming the leading interdisciplinary society in higher education for people working in the fields of environmental studies and environmental science.

What you get:

Discount on annual AESS Conference Registration

Emailed newsletter and newsblog (archived newsletters still available online)
AESS’s online Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences
Access to AESS’s Directory of fellow members

Access to Syllabus Databank

Access to Academic Career/Mentoring Support

Access to curated and regularly updated Journal Database

Voting rights in annual AESS Board election

Ability to post your position openings and events to the AESS website *coming winter 2018.

The Larger AESS Perspective:

AESS provides identity, collective voice and continuing education for individuals in higher education engaged in environmental research, teaching, problem solving, and service to society. The Association promotes the development of these collective concerns by

  • enlarging the capacity for cross-campus collaboration, mentoring, and shared scholarship;
  • creating a collegial process for networking, sharing ideas, publishing, and promoting interdisciplinary programs and conferences;
  • developing professional standards and guidelines for environmental scholars and scientists;
  • supporting the career development of students and faculty members;
  • promoting research, discussion, and outreach that expand public knowledge about the environment and improve environmental science, policy, and management.

AESS is envisioned as a community of environmental scholars and scientists, rather than a confederation of disciplines. Fundamental to this vision is a conviction that broad advances in environmental knowledge require disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary approaches to research and learning.

AESS looks forward to working with existing disciplinary associations and with organizations such as the National Council for Science and Environment, the Council of Environmental Deans and Directors, and others engaged in the vital task of linking academia, government, business, and the public on matters of environmental sustainability.

The Association employs a variety of media and venues to carry out this mission, including this web site (aessonline.org), professional newsletter, a planned flagship journal, and national and regional conferences. Additional information about these communication channels are available on the this web site, including three issues of our newsletter.

Participate in the development of a society that will help you make vital connections – professional connections, disciplinary connections, connections between theory and practice, and connections between complex adaptive natural systems and even more complex human social systems.