Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

“A basic principle of ecology is that diversity in an ecosystem fosters strength and resilience.”

At the Association of Environmental Studies and Sciences, we believe in creating a safe space for a more diverse community of environmentalists.

We recognize that before major environmental movements can be made, we need to highlight the voices that are being underrepresented. We hope to advocate for the inclusion of multiple voices that represent perspectives and expertise from various backgrounds and identities.

We respect, value, and welcome all backgrounds and believe that together we can find meaningful, effective, lasting solutions to environmental issues by joining ideas and skills.

At AESS we are taking action by:

Building Partnerships and Conducting Outreach

  • Build relationships with other diversity-serving organizations and institutions
  • Build relationships with researchers working with Global South communities and related topics
  • Create a diverse speakers’ network from within AESS membership and from those outside of AESS

Increasing Access and Inclusion

  • Build broader networking opportunities
  • Hold a webinar series about the relationship between diversity and the environment : http://www.communityresilience-center.org/diversity-and-the-environment/
  • AESS Expert Network
    • The Expert Network is a new program that helps assist members in learning processes during COVID-19
      • Incorporate virtual class visits to discuss research; community sustainability work; or collaborate with faculty in other locations to connect their students with community stakeholders and activists in your city or town.

Published Statements