This committee is responsible for organizing and implementing the Association’s efforts to recognize and honor those persons whose diverse efforts have enhanced the field of Environmental Studies and Sciences and/or contributed to the improvement of the environment.


Anne Egelston (chair)

Chair-Elect (open position)

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Conference Committee

The Conference Committee is an ad-hoc committee that oversees the planning and execution of AESS’s annual meeting whether it is in-person or virtual. Sub-committees include Program, Site-Selection, and Events. The committee is staffed by a chair, AESS Managing Director and volunteers.

Conference Committee Members may be involved in one or more of the following:
  • Identifying “areas of emphasis” or themes for the conference
  • Reviewing presentation and workshop proposals
  • Helping to build the conference schedule including assembling panels
  • Assisting with on-site logistics
  • Developing field trips and off-site experience opportunities
  • Recruiting sponsors and exhibitors
  • Recruiting volunteers for the conference
  • Communicating with presenters
Timeline highlights:
  • end of Nov: conference committee 1st meeting
  • mid-Dec: open the call for proposals, discuss special programming
  • end of Jan: close call, reviews begin
  • Jan: plan/research field trips, recruit special programming speakers and source needs, begin outreach for sponsors/exhibitors
  • Feb: cont outreach, determine program tracks
  • Mar: notify proposal submitters, build session schedule
  • Apr: open registration, recruit site volunteers
  • May: announce AESS 20xx, close poster submissions window
  • June: final logistics, execute event
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The AESS Development Committee is an ad-hoc group who dedicates time to finding funding sources and leveraging opportunities for non-profit advancement. No experience is necessary to help out.

Chair: Clara Fang, Ph.D.
Diversity, Equity, Belonging Consulting
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Diversity Committee

This committee shall work to engage a broader and more diverse community of environmental professionals by advocating for the inclusion of multiple voices that represent perspectives and expertise from various backgrounds and identities, including but not limited to: abilities, academic discipline, age, career, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender identity/expression, geographic location, language, nationality, political beliefs, position within organization, race, religion, sexual orientation, sex, and/or socio-economic status.

Learn more about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at AESS.

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Nominations Committee

This committee is responsible for recruiting and nominating candidates for the elective offices of the Association. Nominations Committee. In identifying candidates for positions, the Nominations Committee seeks to assure the representation of the Association’s diversity of membership, in terms of age, gender, racial and ethnic background, substantive interest, field of work, type of employing institutions, and other considerations.

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Membership Committee

This committee has primary responsibility for informing potential members of the advantages of AESS membership and for expanding the membership base of the organization. The committee is expected to seek a reasonable balance between members whose original disciplines are in the biological and physical sciences, on the one hand, and in the social sciences and humanities, on the other, and to seek in other ways as well to maintain and increase membership diversity.

Committee Members

Rob Alexander, chair

Carolyn Anthon

Ryan Gunderson

Laura Henry-Stone

Paul Jorgenen

Kate Meierdiercks

Joni Palmer

Kim Smith

Sarah Sojka

Karin Warren

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Professional Development

Professional Development Committee

This committee is responsible for designing and managing professional development initiatives for the membership with the goal of empowering members to enhance their ESS career development and advance the field within their institutions.  Typical initiatives include:

  • Organizing workshops

  • Promoting mentoring

  • Developing resources for teaching, scholarship, and administration of programs.

To submit an idea for a workshop, webinar or other professional development idea, complete our form.

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Carolyn Anthon

Carolyn is the Association’s Managing Director. She began working with AESS fall of 2014 as a Program Coordinator. From there, she increasingly took on more responsibility and has helped manage the organization’s day to day affairs as well as the annual conference. She fully embodies the cross-disciplinary approach of AESS, having a background in English literature as well as environmental science and policy. She is passionate about sustainability, good food, good reads, bucket-lists, family, and getting outside.

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