We are excited to announce that Social and Ecological System Dynamics: Characteristics, Trends, and Integration in the Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia, Edited by Krystyna Stave, Goraw Goshu Yemer, and Shimelis Aynalem,  is the first book in our Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies and Sciences Series.

From the Springer book page:

This book is a social—ecological system description and feedback analysis of the Lake Tana Basin, the headwater catchment of the Upper Blue Nile River.  This basin is an important local, national, and international resource, and concern about its sustainable development is growing at many levels.  Lake Tana Basin outflows of water, sediments, nutrients, and contaminants affect water that flows downstream in the Blue Nile across international boundaries into the Nile River; the lake and surrounding land have recently been proposed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve; the basin has been designated as a key national economic growth corridor in the Ethiopian Growth and Transformation Plan.  In spite of the Lake Tana Basin’s importance, there is no comprehensive, integrated, system-wide description of its characteristics and dynamics that can serve as a basis for its sustainable development.  This book presents both the social and ecological characteristics of the region and an integrated, system-wide perspective of the feedback links that shape social and ecological change in the basin.  Finally, it summarizes key research needs for sustainable development.

Series Editor-in-Chief (and Past AESS President) Wil Burns writes:

I am really pleased that Springer has published the first of many anticipated contributions to our AESS branded book series. This volume reflects the unique interdisciplinary perspectives that we hope to bring to bear in all of our publications in the series. It should prove to be a valuable publication both for those with a particular interest in this region, as well as those looking for lessons that could be applied in other contexts where the interface of social dynamics, development and ecological system integrity are critical considerations. I look forward to continuing to work with our partner, Springer, and the AESS community to publish more the valuable research of our members and colleagues.

This book is published by Springer, and is available as an E-book in many academic library collections. It can also be accessed here:

Purpose of the Branded Book Series (BBS):

To explore the intersection of natural science, law, policy and action, while informed by the social sciences, and highlight the power of interdisciplinary focus as opposed to traditional disciplinary silos. The series initial targets are energy and health.

The series is managed by

Past AESS President Wil Burns, Editor-in-Chief.

Board of Senior Editors:

  • Wil Burns, School of International Service, American University
  • David Downie, Fairfield University, member
  • Tony Rosenbaum, University of Florida, member
  • David Sonnenfeld, State University of New York, member
  • William Winner, North Carolina State University, member

The full board will be expanded to nine members in the very near future, which will reflect ethnic and gender diversity along with discipline and topic diversity.

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