Diversity Webinar Series

A series of presentations and discussions aimed at advancing discourse in diversity, equity, and inclusion within the field of environmental studies.

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What is the AESS Diversity Webinar Series?

The AESS Diversity Webinar Series is a series of presentations and/or discussions aimed at advancing discourse in diversity, equity, and inclusion in environmental studies. The intended audience for the series are administrators, faculty, staff, and students in higher education, environmental studies departments, environmental non-profit organizations, foundations, and their partners. The Diversity Webinar Series would be implemented as 5-8 live virtual sessions in 2024. The recordings will be uploaded to the AESS website and on Youtube.

AESS, in partnership with Antioch University, created the 2020 AESS Diversity Webinar Series at a pivotal moment in our culture when the murder of George Floyd, racial protests, and the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated action on diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education institutions. Four years later, we find ourselves in a very different moment. While there are more DEI initiatives than ever, the Supreme Court recently rolled back affirmative action in higher ed admissions, and states like Florida are dismantling DEI initiatives and banning discussions of critical race theory in classrooms. We need forums to understand this moment, fight back, and maintain momentum towards diversity, equity, and justice. As we strive to meet the critical challenges of preparing the next generation of the environmental workforce and figuring out solutions to the climate crisis, the AESS 2024 Diversity Webinar Series would provide the tools and resources needed to center diversity, equity, and justice in tackling these challenges. 

Proposed Topics

  1. Beyond Affirmative Action: Diversity in Admissions After Students for Fair Admissions Inc. v President and Fellows of Harvard College
  2. Confronting the DEI Backlash in Higher Education
  3. Getting Beyond the Basics: Equity and Belonging in Higher Ed
  4. Hiring for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Higher Education 
  5. Compassionate Pedagogies in Environmental Studies 
  6. Advancing Environmental Justice Outside of the Classroom through Community Partnerships
  7. Battling Burnout and Cultivating Hope in Environmental Studies

Seeking Speakers

We are looking for speakers for the proposed topics in the Diversity Webinar Series. If you would like to be considered for a speaker or nominate someone, please fill out this form. 


We would not be able to produce this webinar series without external support. We are looking for individuals or institutions to sponsor the Diversity Webinar Series at the following levels: 

  • $300 Sponsor’s name on promotional materials, including website, one year membership to AESS. 
  • $500 A slide devoted to the sponsor’s programs and live mention in one webinar, plus all of the above. 
  • $800 DEI consultation with Green Tara Consulting, plus all of the above. 
  • Other amount

If you, your department, or institution would like to be a sponsor, please contact us. Your support is greatly appreciated.