AESS community:

AESS is more than simply a place to share research, improve teaching, publish, or make professional connections—our organization develops future environmental scholars and professionals.

In many ways, AESS is shepherding the people who will determine how our society responds to our current environmental crises. 

You can help expand the reach of AESS and accessibility to AESS through a tax-deductible donation.

As you think about this, consider what AESS has accomplished this year:

  • Created an online conference during a pandemic featuring timely sessions on critical topics.
  • Increased professional development opportunities for members.
  • Launched a professional mentoring network.
  • Increased membership by 44%.
  • Hired and transitioned a new editor for the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences after many years of dedicated service from our founding editor, Tony Rosenbaum.
  • Maintained responsible and robust fiscal management during a global pandemic.
  • Conducted a diversity survey and implemented measures to increase diversity and inclusion. 

Consider, too, our goals for the coming year:

  • Hold an in-person conference in Baltimore in June 2022.
  • Add to our syllabus bank, host webinars, and incorporate other programming.
  • Share jobs, best practices, events, and opportunities via our online forum.
  • Increase access for membership and conference attendance. Scholarships and financial assistance allow students, participants from small colleges or organizations, other countries, and those who would otherwise be unable to join our group and attend our conferences.
  • Continue to create space explicitly for undergraduate as well as graduate students—building continuity and connection across generations of environmental scholars, teachers, and practitioners.
  • Partner with external groups, organizations, societies and foundations to increase our reach.
  • Continue with programs via professional development and the mentoring program.
  • Advance diversity, equity, belonging, and justice in AESS and environmental studies.


AESS does a lot with a little. We have only one part time staff person and we cannot accomplish our goals without the support of our members and donors. 

Please consider contributing to the work AESS does with a donation at any level.

Right now, become a member for as little as $37 a year and access all AESS offerings! 

Join AESS’ development committee: Would you like to help make AESS into a more impactful and equitable organization that serves the needs of environmental scholars and practitioners? Join our development committee to help us secure funding that will increase our capacity to carry out our mission. No experience with fundraising required. Please contact Clara Fang at if you are interested. 

Thank you for your support!