Branded Books Series

Purpose of the Branded Book Series (BBS):

To explore the intersection of natural science, law, policy and action, while informed by the social sciences, and highlight the power of interdisciplinary focus as opposed to traditional disciplinary silos. The series initial targets are energy and health.

The series is managed by

Past AESS President Wil Burns, Editor-in-Chief.

Board of Senior Editors:

  • Wil Burns, School of International Service, American University
  • David Downie, Fairfield University, member
  • Tony Rosenbaum, University of Florida, member
  • David Sonnenfeld, State University of New York, member
  • William Winner, North Carolina State University, member

The full board will be expanded to nine members in the very near future, which will reflect ethnic and gender diversity along with discipline and topic diversity.

Please email with inquiries.

AESS Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies and Sciences Series

Published April 2017. Click image to view the publication on Springer’s website.


Social and Ecological System Dynamics: Characteristics, Trends and Integration in the Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia,


Exploring Environmental Ethics: an Introduction,


Ontology and Closeness in Human-Nature Relationships: Beyond Dualisms, Materialism and Posthumanism,


Interdisciplinary Teaching About Earth and the Environment for a Sustainable Future