In this issue:

  1. Articles with Attitude
    The ambiguity of environmental disasters
    Peter R. Mulvihill
  2. Commentary and Opinion
    Commentary: integrating environmental DNA into applied ecological practice
    Jennifer Petruniak, Douglas Bradley… Robert H. Hanner
  3. Original Article
    Making the board: participatory game design for environmental action
    Katherine Ball, Kirk Jalbert, & Lisa Test
  4. Original Article
    Climate change perception, vulnerability, and readiness: inter-country variability and emerging patterns in Latin America
    Gabriela Azócar, Marco Billi … Anahí Urquiza
  5. Research Article
    Heterogeneity, trust and common-pool resource management
    Fijnanda van Klingeren & Nan Dirk de Graaf
  6. Original Article
    A gendered lens to self-evaluated and actual climate change knowledge
    Batanai Sammie, Elvis Mupfiga … Raymond Mugandani
  7. Articles with attitude
    Narrow pasts and futures: how frames of sustainability transformation limit societal change
    Janina Priebe, Erland Mårald, & Annika Nordin
  8. Original Article
    Community obstacles to large scale solar: NIMBY and renewables
    Sandra George O’Neil
  9. Original Article
    The Grand Concepts of Environmental Studies Boundary objects between disciplines and policymakers
    Jakob Lundgren
  10. Original Article
    Sustaining future environmental educators: building critical interdisciplinary teaching capacity among graduate students
    Diana Denham, Mary Ann Rozance … Erin Goodling
  11. Research Article
    A study of faculty perceptions and engagement with interdisciplinary research in university sustainability institutes
    Paul Bolger
  12. Original Article
    Narratives of place: critical reflections on place-making in the curriculum of environmental studies and sciences (ESS)
    Gabriel R. Valle
  13. Environmental Education
    Student representations and conceptions of ecological versus social sciences in a conservation course
    Amanda E. Sorensen, Jeffrey Brown … Jenny M. Dauer
  14. Correction
    Correction to: Student representations and conceptions of ecological versus socialsciences in a conservation course
    Amanda E. Sorensen, Jeffrey Brown … Jenny M. Dauer
  15. Book Review
    John Boehnert. Zoning the oceans: the next big step in coastal zone management
    Richard Smardon
  16. Book Review
    Karen D. Holl. Primer of Ecological Restoration
    Donald J. Leopold
  17. Book Review
    Ortwin Renn, Frank Ulmer, and Anna Deckert (eds.). The Role of Public Participation in Energy Transitions
    Richard C. Smardon
  18. Correction
    Correction to: A framework for teaching socio-environmental problem-solving
    Cynthia A. Wei, Michael L. Deaton … William R. Burnside

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