Exhibition & Advertising

AESS 2018 is a platform to showcase programs, initiatives, and solutions. We also hope to engage local organizations in and around Washington, DC.

Past conference exhibitors include Colleges, Universities and publishing companies.

In addition to over 300 attendees annually, the exhibition is open to the general public and will be publicized within the local community. AESS 2018 attendance goals are 400+ and exhibitors will have additional exhibiting hours plus a central location to interact with attendees.

The 2018 Prospectus will be available late Fall. Please email support@aessonline.org with “exhibit or ad” in the subject line to receive an alert once the document is published.

    • Unique opportunity to engage with a diverse group of over 400 academics, policy makers, and activists in the environmental and sustainability arenas.
    • Network with professors from more than 150 colleges and universities across the United States.
    • More than 150 graduate students from over 50 colleges and universities are expected to attend.
    • All coffee breaks and lunches will be served near or next to the exhibition hall.
    • Exhibitor names and contact information will be listed in the program, which remains on the website following the conference.
    • Receive a complimentary list of AESS registrants following the conference (terms and conditions apply).