AESS Listserv

The AESS listserver is a service of the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences. Membership on the list is open to anyone and does not require paid membership in AESS (though we encourage list members who enjoy the perks of the list to become AESS members). The purpose of the AESS list is to share information, facilitate open discussion and dialogue, and build community in environmental studies and sciences.

The list is currently unmoderated. We do ask you to adhere to the guidelines, which are designed to ensure everyone feels respected and welcomed and enjoys equally the benefits of the list, while minimizing unwanted traffic on the list. Subscribers who do not comply with the guidelines will be contacted by the list administrator to explain the circumstances and/or issue a warning. Repeated violations of the guidelines will result in removal from the list.

Prior to subscribing or posting announcements to the AESS listserv, please download and review the AESS Posting Guidelines which have been approved by the AESS Board of Directors.