Journal of the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences

The flagship journal of the Association (JESS) launched in 2010. It provides AESS members with peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary coverage of the leading research and professional issues confronting our society.

The journal assists in the creation of integrative environmental knowledge, along with useful applications for society, by providing a forum for scholars and scientists whose research extends beyond the boundaries of any one discipline. The journal is be particularly useful for junior scholars with interdisciplinary interests who are especially in need of peer-reviewed outlets for their professional development. JESS has value and visibility to the scholarly contributions of all AESS members within higher education, and provides an important vehicle of communication for enhancing their professional development. AESS’s journal JESS continues to improve the credibility of and respect for environmental fields in higher education.

The Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences (JESS) is the official publication of the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences (AESS). The Journal is issued quarterly (March, June, September and December) by Springer Publications. Members receive free electronic access while hard copies can be ordered for an additional fee.

We invite all members and non-members to submit articles for the Journal. The Journal provides a peer-reviewed, academically rigorous and professionally recognized forum for the publication of explicitly interdisciplinary environmental research, policy analysis and advocacy, educational discourse and other related matters. Contributions are welcome from any discipline or combination of disciplines, any vocation or professional affiliation, any national, ethnic or cultural background. Articles may relate to any historical and global setting.

The Journal provides several submission categories:

  • Research and Theory
  • Research Briefs
  • Environmental Education
  • Policy Analysis
  • Commentary and Opinion
  • Book Reviews and Review Articles
  • Special Issues and Symposia
  • Letters

Additional information about submissions and instructions for authors are available at the Journal website.

Dr. Teresa Lloro serves as the Editor in Chief.

The Editorial Board includes a diverse range of scholars, policy practitioners, and related professions whose expertise extends broadly across the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and other disciplines related to interdisciplinary environmental study.

Reviewers exemplify, as well, a regional and global diversity appropriate to the breadth of interdisciplinary environmental studies.

Inquiries about the Journal or becoming an associate editor should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief: