Planning is underway for AESS 2017!

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AESS 2017 At a Glance

Dates & Location

June 21-24, 2017

Tuscon, AZ — University of Arizona


The theme for the conference will be

Environment, Wellness, and Communities.

A challenge from AESS president David Hassenzahl:

Soon, the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences (AESS) will issue a call for proposals for the June 21 – 24 AESS Conference in Tucson. Our theme this year is Environment, Wellness, and Community. I encourage all of you to begin conversations around this theme before we get to Tucson, and continue those conversations afterwards.

Interdisciplinarity is a foundational AESS principle, but is not a goal per se. Rather, working across disciplines is what we must do when important questions cannot be answered by a single discipline. But to effectively address “environment, wellness, and community,” even working across disciplines is likely to be inadequate and unsatisfying. At AESS 2017 I look forward to presentations, papers, posters, panels, and performances that explore how AESS can engage AND BE ENGAGED BY communities whose wellbeing is impacted by environmental conditions.

I challenge AESS to explore how we can broaden our conception of environmental wellbeing by considering:

  • Who poses questions and establishes research agendas?
  • Who provides, synthesizes, and shares information?
  • Who generates and evaluates solutions?
  • Do our answers to the three questions above represent a just approach to environment, wellness, and community?

Please engage in this exploration through the AESS listserve, at the site, and at our Facebook page by suggesting topics, seeking collaborators, and extending (or counterchallenging) my list.

I also welcome suggestions for keynotes and plenary sessions, and as always welcome AESS volunteers!

Conference Contacts

For questions related to University of Arizona facilities (housing, field trips) please contact the 2017 Conference Coordinator, Angie Brown

Program Chair: For questions regarding the conference program (sessions, dates and times)

AESS President: For questions on conference theme, keynote speakers, sponsorship
David Hassenzhal, PhD,

AESS Program Coordinator: For AESS-related questions (membership, communications, etc.)

Carolyn Anthon

Conference Sponsors

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